As you might already familiar with the news that the ex-fiancee of ‘Price is Right’ host Drew Carey, Amie Harwick was murdered by being thrown off a 3rd-floor balcony.

The famous sex therapist Amie Harwick was a very well-known figure of our community, and lots of celebrities mourned her death with great words.

In case, not everyone was able to be so respectful to that kind of a tragic death. Fox TV’s talk show host Wendy Williams made a tasteless joke yesterday by saying “Come On Down!” to her.

Today, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss reacted to this disgusting joke on social media.

Here is what she said:

“Hey @WendyWilliams– CLASSLESS MOVE to make a joke about a domestic violence victim. Amie Harwick, an amazing woman, and champion for mental health awareness were senselessly killed and you used it as an opportunity for a one-liner. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. @FOXTV”

KISS’ legendary frontman Paul Stanley did not remain silent to that tweet on his verified account and supported Nita Strauss.

Here is his response:

I couldn’t say it better. How vile. This woman can’t continually use ignorance of facts or plain stupidity for stooping to heartless cruelty for a cheap laugh. Sickening. Shame on you @WendyWilliams”

You can check out the tweets below.