Paul Stanley, the rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS has reminded the shame of humanity in Auschwitz where is the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp.

The Jewish musician Paul Stanley drew attention to the terrible events that occurred in the history of Germany. He has shared a heartbreaking post of Auschwitz Memorial, in which three children posed for a photograph, and remarked the unfathomable evil of German Nazi.

It was stated about one of the children in the picture, Dutch Jewish girl Jeannette Groenteman, that she was born in 1938 and was deported to Auschwitz with her mother Lena, and siblings Anne, and John in 1942. All were probably murdered together in a gas chamber.

Stanley said about the tragedy in Auschwitz that his whole childhood passed by observing the people in his family who were affected by the cruelty of the camp and antisemitism. He said that the time silences voices of survivors, but, this shame shouldn’t be forgotten.

Here is what Stanley said in his tweet:

“As a Jewish boy, I was surrounded by adults with numbers tattooed on their arms. Time silences voices of survivors and reality fades. To know the depth of this unfathomable evil and those who perpetrated this dehumanizing, it is humanized with faces and stories.”

You can see Stanley’s tweet below.