KISS frontman Paul Stanley was the recent guest of the KTLA 5 Morning News and Paul revealed what’s his ‘farewell’ definition is. He also admitted that he thinks that it’s time to say goodbye.

Here is what he said:

“Well, it’s the end of the road, in the sense that we’ve spent 45-plus years touring. And as glorious as it is doing two hours on stage and playing for sold-out houses, really it takes its toll, whether it’s my two torn shoulders that have been repaired, or my bicep tendons, or my knees. I wear them proudly as battle scars.

Paul Stanley also revealed if he still practices his musical skills:

“I’m on stage so much of the time, and we’re playing so often that there’s really no need. But when we rehearse, like for the ‘End Of The Road’ tour that we’re on, we spent about three months rehearsing.

Now, we’ve been playing these songs for 45-plus years, but there’s a difference between playing them and really synchronizing, and that synchronicity, that comes from rehearsing. So, we took this very seriously.

We wanted the band to be in top form, and if we’re gonna call it quits, it’s great to do it when everybody loves each other rather than everybody’s not talking or the band is on the decline. It seems like the right time for a victory lap, and that’s what we’re doing.”

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You can watch the whole interview below: