In a recent interview with AZ Central, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has revealed his biggest fear as a musician. Here’s the statement:

“Quite honestly, I can’t imagine me ever having attached to my name, ‘formerly of Kiss.’ I don’t see that because this is part of my flesh and blood. My whole life has been Kiss.

I wrote ‘Firehouse’ when I was in high school. So everything led up to Kiss. I am Kiss, in the same way that everybody in the band is. This is who we are.

He continued:

“Without sounding negative or catty, it’s not important. It would be nice. I’d enjoy it. It’s part of our history. It’s part of the celebration of where we are and how we got here.

So that would be fun. If it doesn’t happen, it’s not by my choosing and it wouldn’t change anything. This is a celebration of not where we once were but where we’ve come and how we got here.”

He also talked about the farewell tour:

“The automation and synchronization of computer technology has opened up doors that weren’t there before. And yet, we haven’t succumbed to technology turning this into something sterile. It’s allowed us to be that much more of what we are.

So it is more bombastic and really more thrilling. I’ve said before, any band with money can do a Kiss show but you can’t be Kiss.”

You can read the entire interview from here.