On Twitter, KISS frontman Paul Stanley responded to Rolling Stone’s special event for the 20th-anniversary of the film ‘Almost Famous‘ and revealed that it was actually the best film portraying the lives of rock icons at the times.

The well-known American comedy-drama film ‘Almost Famous‘ was released in 2000. The film was written and directed by director and journalist Cameron Crowe, who worked as a writer for Rolling Stone while he was a teenager. Crowe had some unique experiences from touring with rock bands Poco, Led Zeppelin, and Eagles.

Recently, the iconic film celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special event hosted by Rolling Stones Magazine. For the 20th anniversary reunion, Cameron Crowe, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, and Patrick Fugit got together once again to talk about the filming of ‘Almost Famous.’

The talented director of the film, Cameron Crowe shared a small video of their special event on his Twitter account and wrote:

This was so much fun!

As a response to Crowe’s tweet, KISS frontman Paul Stanley wrote about how much he appreciated the success of the movie in depicting the real life of the rock stars around the 1970s.

Paul urged his fans who didn’t have the chance to see the movie to watch it as soon as possible and emphasized the fact that ‘Almost Famous’ was actually the most accurate portrayal of the period. He also mentioned Cameron Crowe‘s personal experiences with bands like Led Zeppelin at the time.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated on his recent tweet:

If you haven’t seen Almost Famous YOU SHOULD! Besides being a terrific film it’s the most accurate depiction of the period and a band on their way up. I know!!’ Cameron Crowe lived through it with so many top bands including Led Zeppelin.

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on Twitter below.