KISS co-founder and also the frontman, rhythm guitarist of the band, Paul Stanley, was recently interviewed by Variety’s Jem Awad this week and talked about his current form as well as his recommendations for the musicians who want to keep their form like him.

As you might already follow up, the whole world is struggling with self-quarantine measures and most of the musicians are spending time in their home to get rest and stay ready for the upcoming shows that will be made in post-quarantine days. However, Paul Stanley is not one of those stars and spending most of his time on his bike for almost two years.

In the interview, Paul also stated that he has been riding his bike 25 miles, three times a week since the COVID-19 outbreak has been started. He also claimed that he feels great right now and he’s good for another 50K miles whenever he can be free.

Here is what Paul Stanley said about his perfect form:

“The best way to be in shape is to be in shape, and once you get there, stay there. Once you have that momentum, it’s much easier to maintain than to create. The decisions you make in your 40s or 50s will determine what happens in your 60s and 70s, and hopefully beyond.”

He continued:

“You can optimize your health and longevity by the choices you make now — and obviously COVID puts that demographic at an even higher risk. So, reduce all risk factors: Be mindful of heart disease, check with a nutritionist, and get adequate exercise.”

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