KISS legend Paul Stanley had a recent conversation with Guitar World and revealed his End of The Road main setup for the first time.

Guitar World:

“What’s your main setup onstage for the ‘End of the Road’ tour?”

Paul Stanley:

“I’m a dedicated Ibanez PS10 user [Stanley’s signature model]. That guitar, with a few diversions for different reasons along my history, has been my guitar of choice. I certainly collected a lot of vintage guitars at one point, and my PS10 was spec’d on some of those guitars. So it really is a classic guitar in many senses.

In fact, if you were to put it into someone’s hands and they weren’t looking at it and just went basically on feel and sound, they would perhaps think it was a different guitar by a different company.

As for amps, I’ve been using Engl for quite a while and I’ve had great success with them. They do some amps that aren’t really my taste, that sound more like a jackhammer. [Laughs]

But they also build some really classic, well-refined tube amps. Mine have been fine-tuned to how I like them, and in the best way hearken to the sound of bands that I’ve loved over the years. So my guitar and my amp are rooted in the classics. Whether or not they are the actual classics they’re rooted in is moot.”

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