KISS’ iconic frontman and a legendary guitarist, Paul Stanley has shared a new stunning photo of himself via his certified Twitter account.

In the photo, Paul has wore a simple black t-shirt and classy hat. He also revealed how he felt when Brian Lowe was shooting that photos.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I Went To Evan’s Awesome Photo Shoot And Wound Up Taking A Few Shots! Thanks Brian Lowe!”

A fan named Tracey wrote a true comment:

“I have never seen you smile so Big and more beautiful Paul!! It looks great on you keep it up!!”

Another fan named Sara asked that:

“Very nice!!! Got a pic of you two hopefully for thr family album? Those are memories you’ll want to hold onto forever trust me. I hold onto the ones of my family very close :)”

You can see the photo below:

Yesterday, World-famous, KISS fan page named KISSopolis has shared an amazing photo via a verified Twitter account.

In that photo, KISS fan named Alex has created an amazing pumpkin light in which you can see the face of Paul Stanley and Peter Criss on the pumpkin.

Here’s what they captioned:

“Paul Stanley & Peter Criss #Pumpkins via @ThePumpkinGeek.”

Click here for more detail: