KISS frontman Paul Stanley has posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter account, revealing how he was mesmerized by pop singer Demi Lovato during the 2020 Grammy Awards.

As we all know, the most entertaining part of the Grammys is the stage performances, and some of the well-known artists were performing on the stage for that great night, and one of these exciting artists was Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato performed a wonderful performance with a pianist at the awards and captivated the fans by her gorgeous look and voice.

Paul Stanley took to social media to reveal his reaction to the performance of Demi Lovato. Paul stated that Demi’s performance was the greatest show of the night. He also admitted that he watched her beautiful show several times.

Here’s what Paul Stanley wrote:

“Rewatching the Grammys and once again blown away that the most powerful spectacle of the evening was a woman standing at a piano baring her soul and struggles while reaching amazing heights with her lyrics and melody. Demi Lovato… WOW!”

A fan named @LeticiaCastro wrote this:

“I absolutely adore her! And she’s an amazing influence to teens like my niece who gets so much inspiration from her life story.”

Another fan named @SeahawksForever said this:

“Amazing right? I can’t stop watching/listening to this. I believe it will be one of the most enduring Grammy moments ever.”

Check out the tweet below.