The legendary frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley was the latest interview guest of Dean Delray’s “Let There Be Talk” podcast, and he shared the untold details about his relationship with another KISS icon, Gene Simmons.

He said that Gene Simmons was always gentle and kind to him and praised him with beautiful words.

Here are his words to Dean Delray:

“Gene’s always been very accepting. And we’ve only gotten closer and closer over time, which is just terrific.

I said things in the book that I felt were true, and I would stand by what I said,” Stanley continued. “But it doesn’t negate that in the scheme of things, he’s been a terrific partner, he’s a brother, and he’s family.”

He continued talking about Gene:

“Certainly there were things that I spoke about in the book that aren’t true anymore, but they were, to me, at some point. And that book was really my overview of my life. And I really didn’t say anything to hurt anyone, and I didn’t wanna throw anybody under the bus. There were a few people who walked under the bus — I didn’t have to throw ’em.

I think Gene has always respected that I have my own perspective. I couldn’t be closer to him than I am now. Totally. I speak to him often.”

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