American rock icons KISS prapering to kick off the farewell tour called “End of the Road”. Frontman Paul Stanley spoke in an interview with Cameron Adams and revealed the what fans should not expect from him at Farewell tour.

He said that “If anyone wants to hear me sound like I did on (1975’s) Kiss Alive!, it would be absurd”. Here’s why:

“If anyone wants to hear me sound like I did on (1975’s) Kiss Alive! then put on Kiss Alive! It would be absurd. Of course your voice changes. Any athlete’s body changes. Any singer’s voice changes. The naysayers and the scrooges will find the video of you falling on your ass, that’s the one they’ll post.

But when you’re playing to between 20,000 to 60,000 fans a night and beginning and ending a show with an audience going crazy, I’m not really that concerned with the sceptics.

I’m in the same boat a lot of people are. I see singers around my age and we talk about it. The difference could be many bands have a singer where you go ‘Well he sounds really good’ but, so does the keyboard player singing along with him. Or the person singing off stage. Kiss have never done that.

I understand there’s people who tend to spout negativity but they’re in the vast, vast, vast minority. I will do everything in my power and I know that I will sound great on this tour. That is not delusional. I don’t look the same as I did at the beginning of the band, nobody looks the same today as they did decades ago, but it’s all about degree. But there are realities of course.”

You can reach the first dates of KISS’ farewell tour, here.

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