The legendary KISS frontman, Paul Stanley broke his silence yesterday after the hard flu and shared a sincere tweet asking a wish from his fans who has a partner or married.

Here’s what Paul wrote yesterday:

“I Was Blown Away By Your Photos! SEND ME A PHOTO OF YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, BESTIE, HUSBAND, WIFE… The One You Love! I Want To See Them ALL!!!.”

Yesterday, a lot of fans of Paul wrote sincere comments and photos with their wife and husband on his tweet. Today, Paul Stanley has shared another tweet about that event via his verified Twitter account and thanked all fans due to their interests.

Here’s what he said today:

“THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING YOUR PHOTOS! We are all truly blessed to love and be loved. Don’t give up or settle until you find that person you so deserve.”

A user named Luciene Souza commented:

“My dear Paul…The secret of a happy heart is the security we find when we are anchored, rooted in LOVE: in your life, in your words, in your attitudes…

Love is the “key” of everything !! Every form of love is worth it!! Return soon.”

Another fan named Jason said:

“She was my first girlfriend in the 9th grade..we broke up & we were apart 31 years & got back together. Been together 4 years now & married 3.”

You can see the tweets of Paul Right below.