Paul Stanley, the iconic rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, has warned his followers on Twitter by emphasizing the fact that they’re the guests in his house when they visit his profile, so they should be respectful or gone immediately.

As you might know, the legendary rock musician, Paul Stanley, has been depicting himself as one of the most outspoken figures on social media in terms of his social and political standpoints.

He has proved that he stands only with democracy by reminding a significant issue about the upcoming presidential election to both of the parties and both leaders. Stanley has recently asked them to not send out any mail that could be confused with mail-in or absentee ballots.

Also declaring his distant stance to Donald Trump by reposting the news about the Conservative party’s problematic acts and decisions, Stanley shows he’ll not merely stick to his music and speak up for what is right according to him.

Drawing reactions of some of his fans on the social media platform, Paul Stanley has made a statement regarding his way of the usage of Twitter. He simply said that when his followers come there, they are guests in his house.

For those who don’t like the conversation or him having a point of view, Paul asked to leave or he can show you out. He added that he wants neither rudeness nor insults there and finalized his words by saying stupidity comes at birth, but ignorance and bad manners don’t.

Here is what Paul Stanley said in his latest tweet:

“A short note. Put simply, when you come here you are a guest in my house. If you don’t like the conversation or my having a point of view, leave or I can show you out. No rudeness or insults.

Stupidity comes at birth. Ignorance and bad manners don’t. Be respectful or gone. Thanks.”

You can see the tweet below.