KISS’ co-founder and guitarist, Paul Stanley, wanted to give a motivational speech for his followers on social media during these tough times and used his official Instagram account to do so.

Despite the fact that most of the people are struggling to make their life better during the self-quarantine days, Paul has been trying to protect his mental health and physical condition with lots of activities, especially biking and hiking.

Recently on Instagram, Stanley shared another picture from his biking session and called out all of his fans to improve themselves. He reminded his fans that ‘doing nothing is just a choice’ while there are so many things in life that one can do. Paul also encouraged fans to improve themselves without looking for excuses.

While Paul was saying that it is time to change, he also didn’t forget to wear a mask in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. The KISS icon showed that he has been protecting himself and society while doing exercises outside.

Here is what Paul Stanley wrote in the caption of his post:

So much you can do! Doing nothing is a choice! The time you wait for change is the time you have lost.”

You can check out the post below.