KISS’s co-founder, frontman, and rhythm guitarist, Paul Stanley, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and shared a photo that he described as guitar porn while praising his favorite guitar.

As you probably know, Paul Stanley enjoys being active on his social media accounts and he often prefers to use his Twitter account to announce his upcoming projects, express his views on social and political matters, raise awareness on various issues, and share sneak peeks from his life.

Recently, he shared a photo of his favorite guitar and expressed his views about the instrument. As Stanley’s career spans over 50 years, his views on guitars are highly valuable. The 1959 Gibson Les Paul is probably one of the fanciest guitars on the market right now and it has been used by famous musicians such as Joe Bonamassa and Stanley himself.

Although the asking price for the guitar when it was initially released was under $300, now it has increased to over half a million dollars due to the extreme demand. Being one of the rightful owners of this instrument, Paul Stanley showed off his favorite guitar and said that it is an incredibly beautiful instrument.

Here’s what Paul Stanley said in his tweet:

“Guitar Porn… The sun was shining through my windows and when I saw it hitting my ’59 I had to take a photo. WOW! OkayIm done.”

You can check out Paul Stanley’s tweet below.