The co-lead vocalist of KISS and also the co-founder of the band, Paul Stanley, was the latest interview guest of AXS TV’s official YouTube channel and talked about his side-band Soul Station’s upcoming album ‘Now And Then’ as well as the coronavirus days.

Just like most of the bands and musicians in the industry, KISS had to postpone numerous shows they were planning to make in 2021 due to coronavirus measures. In these times last year, KISS has announced that the whole Fall legs of their ‘End Of The Road’ tour remained unchanged.

However, they had to cancel every single leg of the tour this year as well as the last year. Finally, they have decided to postpone the ‘Download 2021 Festival’ to 2022.

In his latest interview, Paul Stanley has talked about the effects of the outbreak and while admitting that the industry was highly overcome by the outbreak, it’s minor compared to millions of people who lost their friends and families due to COVID-19.

He also commented about the people who still insist on not wearing masks and not following social distancing rules. Paul stated that if the people still negate the thing they have to do, the outbreak will extend more and more.

Here is what KISS star wrote:

“We have so much to be excited about with these vaccines, but people have to realize that the vaccine means nothing until you put it in your arm. So, people who are just waiting around for herd immunity, you’ve got a long way to wait. And you want me to take the shot, but you want the benefit. Go get your shot.

I’d like to everybody just get back to a normal life. A half a million people have died; it’s been devastating for so many people. For us who are inconvenienced, it’s minor compared to what some people have gone through.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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