As all KISS members share different pictures from their Japan trip, the band’s frontman Paul Stanley also posted a special frame from Japan today.

As you might see the post right below, Paul stated that he visited his long-time friend Masaki’s jewelry store and took memorabilia from here.

Here is what Paul wrote in the tweet:

“TOKYO! Clowning around at my friend Masaki’s jewelry store Justin Davis. GREAT to be back in Japan!

A user named Miss Lina wrote this as a comment:

“So happy to see you well again! Have a wonderful tour of Japan, but Australia’s heart just breaks a little more…😔”

Another user, Lauri Mullins wrote this:

“I’m so happy to see you’re all better, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Lookin’ AWESOME!! Go rock ’em!💜⭐🎸🎶🎵👍🏻😎”

You can see the tweet below.