KISS frontman Paul Stanley has shared an emotional statement about Nazi concentration camps of World War Two on Twitter.

A Twitter user named Babel Colour posted a video that taken from the ITV series ‘The World At War In Colour’ it contains colour footage filmed at the liberation of Dachau & Buchenwald Camps.

Paul retweeted the video, and wrote:

“On this and every day I believe it is my responsibility to those 6 million who were murdered and those who survived the physical and psychological torture of imprisonment in death camps, to do all I can to make sure the truth is never forgotten or distorted.”

A fan named Clark Carr W Gluzz responded:

“Good thinking Paul, and you were so close of It, Gene’s mother (rip) suffered this situation and i remember a phrase that is saying “who does not know the history is condenmned to repeat It” hughs from México Master!!”

Another fan named Julie Armani said:

“Paul, this is so important & shld never be forgotten. My husband’s great grandparents were killed by the Nazi’s. His grandmother escaped. You are very special honoring everyone who suffered through this.”

You can see the video and Paul’s tweet below.