KISS frontman Paul Stanley spoke in an interview with AZ Central, and talked about his friendship with bassist Gene Simmons.

He said that ‘Gene is the closest thing I’ve had to a brother’. Here’s the statement:

“I think maybe because of our backgrounds and our stock in terms of heritage or whatever. We believe in working hard for what we’re given. We’re not slackers. I also believe we’ve built a relationship on trust and a relationship on respect for each other.

It doesn’t mean we haven’t fought or had our moments. But so do brothers. And I think Gene is the closest thing I’ve had to a brother. I can count on him in any situation. He’s been there for me and I will always be there for him.”

He continued:

“That doesn’t negate the fact that we are very different people in how we react or respond to things. Or what we say. Do I agree with a lot of things he says or certain things he does? Of course not. Do I like certain behavior? No. But that’s not what our relationship is about. Nor does it need to be.

We are different people. But at the core of it, there are some basics that are very in tune with each other. And I think the years together have only cemented us that much closer.”

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