KISS icon Paul Stanley was the recent guest of the 95.7 The Hog Florida radio and revealed how Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame disgraced KISS in 2014.

Paul Stanley said that they had lots of trouble in the night they won the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Here is his statement:

It was validation for our fans who it meant the world to. Tom Morello (who inducted Kiss on the night) did a brilliant job. It was vindication in the sense that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame kept us out for 17 years, and were really left with no choice but to begrudgingly let us in.

They treated us like crap, even that night. We had trouble – how about this? – getting into the arena.

We had no idea about the rundown of the show or when we were getting on stage.

It was disgraceful what they did, but we won. It’s the story of Kiss from the beginning – that people who believed in themselves and who were told what they were doing wasn’t worth anything and wouldn’t succeed came out on top.

That’s a life lesson for a lot of people.”

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