KISS frontman Paul Stanley has shared a new tweet on his verified Twitter account and supported world-famous blues-rock guitarist and singer, Joe Bonamassa, after a fan’s harshly words.

Joe Bonamassa shared a photo after the Milwaukee show and thanked his fans via Twitter. However, a Twitter user named Sea Born Tay criticized him and used disrespected words for the guitarist.

After this tweet from the Twitter user, Joe Bonamassa jumped on social media to respond to him and reacted to his criticism about the last night show.

Paul Stanley noticed the discussion between Joe Bonamassa and the Twitter user, and legendary KISS singer advised Bonamassa to be positive to show his support. You can read the conversation below.

Here’s the conversation:

The Twitter user named Sea Born Tay wrote:

“Amazing how every night is a blast… Eventually, it becomes insulting.”

Joe Bonamassa replied to him:

“It’s amazing that you question my credibility while you have no experience on the stages I play. It’s insulting that you question it from not only the sidelines but the bleachers.”

Paul Stanley tweeted:

“Don’t sweat it, Joe. Cynics are bitter people who want to make others as unhappy as they truly are. Continue spreading joy.”

Check out the tweets below.