During the recent Live Q&A on Facebook, KISS frontman Paul Stanley has shared his thoughts about music teaching job on a university.

A fan named Rick asked ‘after the farewell tour is over, would you consider a music teaching job at a university?’. Paul responded:

Teaching is a risky because I think that part of the excitement and part of the journey is finding it yourself. I’ve always had tough time with certain kinds of teaching. I think it’s great for people to expose you to different aspects of what you’re interested in.

But I’ve always hat a hard time with somebody telling me how to do something. It’s just doesn’t work form me. It’s like somebody sayint to you, ‘if I were you, I would’, but you’re not me. And you’ve hever lived the day my life.

And sometimes I think teachers as well attention as they might be, may try to live through you and for them vicariously enjoy things, successes perhaps that they missed out on.

Anyway, would I ever be a teacher? No. I’m nothing against them. I love the idea of speaking at schools that’a one-time thing, but to make a semester of it or anything more than, that it’s just not something that’s exciting. I would rather light the fire and then it’s up to you to get it to burn.”

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You can watch the entire statement from below.

End Of The Road Live Q&A with Paul Stanley

End Of The Road Live Q&A with Paul Stanley. Ask him your questions below!

Gepostet von KISS am Donnerstag, 29. November 2018