KISS frontman Paul Stanley spoke in an interview with Herald Sun and revealed the difficulties of being in a rock band as a elderly man.

He mentioned their farewell tour and said ‘we’re not one of those bands who does a farewell tour because we can’t do it anymore’. Here’s the statement:

“I’m 66. People half my age probably wish they were in the same shape. But there’s no beating the clock. You can’t. There are no 60-year-old footballers or basketball players or track runners. Your body can’t take that. At this point we are facing the inevitable and want to do it in the best way possible. We want to do it while we feel great as opposed to letting things deteriorate.

Forget about a typical rock band, we’re so much more than a rock band. This is the greatest show we’ve ever put together. It’s a completely different stage, a completely new technology. We’re not one of those bands who does a farewell tour because we can’t do it anymore. This will be the ultimate Kiss show.”

On Gene Simmons, he said:

“The Gene most people know is a self-created commodity for the media. He’ll say all kinds of things. That’s who he is. He likes to stir things up, he likes to have soundbites. I can’t address anything other than to say we’ve been together 50 years at this point.

We have an unbreakable bond and an appreciation for each other that goes far beyond what most people are fortunate enough to have.”

The full list of dates for KISS’s farewell tour, “End Of The Road”, has been revealed. Check here.

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