One of the most legendary frontmen of all times, KISS star Paul Stanley, posted a new tweet on his verified social media account and revealed his prediction about the possible post coronavirus scenarios.

While the whole world is in self-quarantine and trying to be safe in their homes, lots of authorities began to think about what should we do after the whole coronavirus outbreak reaches an end.

Today, Paul Stanley shared his opinion and predicted that we will face a worse pandemic after the COVID-19. While reposting the recent article of Washington Post, Paul stated that we have to behave to wildlife if we want to avert the disaster.

Here is what Paul wrote:

“The next pandemic is already coming unless humans change how we interact with wildlife, scientists say.”

A follower of Paul named Leticia wrote the most-liked response:

“I saw a video of the wet market in Wuhan. It was like a vision of hell, total opposite of what we, as humans, have learned as a civilization.

The noble values we fight for go down the drain when you see that a place like that does exist and is used as a means to provide “food.”

You can check out the tweet of Paul below.