KISS frontman Paul Stanley spoke in the recent Q&A session on Facebook and revealed the secret of his longtime friendship with bassist Gene Simmons. 

Here’s the statement:

“Any great friendship or any great partnership, it’s built on -i think- on knowing its limitations. If you don’t expect something from somebody that they can’t give you, you’ll never be disappointed. I think the only time we’ve ever run into problems or maybe I’ve run into problems with Gene is expecting Gene to be somebody other than who he is.

So once you accept people for who they are and don’t expect them to be somebody else. That’s a big key to it. Plus, years of going through hard times and fun times that’s how you build a bond and how you define a friendship. That doesn’t come overnight.

Gene and I have been together at this point, probably about 48-49 years, so we’ve experienced a lot together. And at the bottom of it all is a “trust”… Gene is very very different than I am. But that’s part of the combustibility and that’s part of the chemistry, that makes for our partnership to be what it is.

So, Gene went from somebody I met to being family his brother. You don’t always agree with your brother, you don’t always want to do same thing but at the end of the day, you know that you can depend on.

He also talked about the possibility of being a teacher after Farewell tour ends. Click here to statement.

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You can watch the entire statement from below.

End Of The Road Live Q&A with Paul Stanley

End Of The Road Live Q&A with Paul Stanley. Ask him your questions below!

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