Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has returned to the band on Wednesday during an acoustic set on this year’s Kiss Kruise.

In addition, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick was joined to the band as well. Watch the fan-filmed video of the performance from below.

Before the show, singer Paul Stanley said:

“Life is full of coincidences! Here we are on a ship. Bruce Kulick just happens to be on this ship. And someone just said you know who else is on this ship? Ace Frehley!

5 days ago, Ace Frehley spoke in an interview with VintageRock.com and explained his thoughts about return to KISS. He said:

“Only way I would seriously consider it (returning to KISS) is if I took back my make-up and costume and my character — which I designed.

Tommy Thayer is not a bad guitar player, but he basically just mimics everything I wrote, and tries to imitate my persona.

He’s been doing it for 15 years. But the reality is I’m the original guy. And nobody can really copy the way I play guitar.“

Watch the performance below.