Photo Credit: Official Soul Station Web Site

The legendary frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley shared recent photos on his verified Twitter account and paid his tribute to new generation music stars, Lizzo and The Highwomen.

As you will see below, Paul tried to encourage those stars and said ‘Bravo!

Here is what Paul wrote:

BRAVO!! Empowered Women raising their voices.

Luciene Suzan responded to that tweet:

“@PaulStanleyLive @TheHighwomen ve @lizzo adlı kullanıcılara yanıt olarak You’re always so kind and outstanding to the qualities of many.

Thank you for being this beautiful and sensitive STAR … BRAVO ALWAYS… ❤️⭐️💋🎶❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

KIZZI responded:

“We all have it inside of us to be empowered, just need to find the trigger. Believe in our own worth and trust our own judgement.

Love ourselves for who we are and love others just the same. Hold our heads up high and be proud of our achievements… K.💋”

You can see the tweets below.