As we reported for 2 weeks, Paul Stanley is battling with the hard flu for months and KISS had to postpone the latest shows of their tours.

KISSFaq fan forum member, Alex Alessandroi Jr. stated that Paul Stanley’s doing for the days which he had to postpone the tour dates. He also shared the first photo of Paul after many days.

Here is what he said:

“Earlier this week makes it Monday 11th or Tuesday 12th maybe. On Monday the dates were changed. They moved Perth to the end of the tour and canceled and see to try and allow time for Paul to get better. Then Thursday the tour was canceled.

It’s possible that Paul wasn’t feeling well here and only got worse in the 48 hours after, forcing the entire tour to be canceled. It’s also possible he jeopardized the whole tour by not resting when he should have been. Remember the doctor’s orders were for rest. And another scenario again is that this was actually taken on Thursday and when Alex Alphabet realized what had happened he tried to cover it up. Why post it like it’s happening that day if it isn’t?”

Check out the photo below.

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