KISS co-founder and also the bassist of the band for almost a half-decade, Gene Simmons, had a recent conversation on his verified Twitter account and responded to a follower who claims that he’s flying private all the time.

As you might already know, Gene Simmons is one of the most active Twitter users of the whole rock and metal music industry. He’s always sending new tweets of the news as well as responding to his followers’ words in person.

Today, some of the followers of Gene took his Twitter account to claim that Gene is always flying with his own private plane. However, Gene denied the claim of the follower and claimed that he flies commercial almost always.

Here is what follower wrote:

“You fly private. You don’t care about people not being able to travel freely because of what they believe – so stop it. From the son of Holocaust survivor no less.”

Gene Simmons responded:

“You don’t know me. Don’t talk through your ass. I fly commercial almost always. And if you’re not wearing a mask, I don’t want you on the flight, Mr. VoiceOfReason.”

You can check out the tweet below.