The co-founder and bassist of KISS, Gene Simmons, talked about the nature of romantic relationships between men and women during a recent appearance on Talking Wax.

During the conversation, Gene claimed that women are attracted to money and that the more money you have ‘the more chicks will like you.’ Afterwards, he gave an example by describing a scenario of picking up a woman for a date with either a beat-up small car or a luxurious one, asking which one the woman would prefer.

While saying that women want to be treated like queens, Gene also claimed that women are more into the status of their partners in comparison to men who are only interested in the physical appearance of the opposite sex. He then said that even though women get mad at him for ‘telling the truth,’ that’s human biology.

However, Gene didn’t forget to praise his beloved wife, Shannon Simmons, and firmly said that none of this applies to her as she’s ‘the exception to every rule.’ In this way, Simmons reflected his reasoning behind his decision to marry her.

Gene Simmons shared his theory as follows:

The more money you have, the more chicks will like you. Pull up in a beat-up old Volkswagen and ask a young lady if she wants to go grab some baked beans and a hot dog, or pull up in a Rolls-Royce and say, ‘Get in, I’m taking you wherever I want to go.’

What do you think what’s she going to go for? She wants to be treated like a queen.

Two guys are talking and two girls are talking – I know women are hating that I’m telling the truth – two guys are talking, one guy says to the other guy, ‘Hey, I’ve got a blind date for you.’ So his friend naturally says, ‘What does she look like?'”

He went on to say:

“That makes sense because that’s our biology, that’s our DNA.

The two girls are talking, ‘I’ve got a blind date for you!’ ‘Really? What does he do? What kind of a car does he have?’ I don’t give a fuck what kind of a car she has, I don’t care if she pulls up in a stinky old garbage truck. I only care if she’s attractive.

Well, there’s a difference. Men want sex, they want some companionship – not too much, you don’t want to be smothered, you want peace and quiet, stuff like that – and women want everything! Everything! All the time!”

The bassist concluded his thought by saying:

“And do you know why men die younger than their beloved? Because they want to.

Now, none of this applies to Shannon, my wife. No way, she is the exception to every rule, in fact, she does not bear fools lightly.”

You can check out the interview below.