The co-founding member of KISS and also one of the most famous phenomenons of the rock music industry, Paul Stanley, has posted a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account and showed how he has an age-defying personality instead of being 68 years old.

As you may already know, Paul has an interest in cycling since his younghood and he does not hesitate to make challenging try-outs even at the age of 68. Today, he shared a recent photo that unveils his latest activity and stated that he had a twenty-six mile rid with his beloved son and a talented musician just like his father, Evan Stanley.

After sharing the photo, most of Paul fans wondered how he can be that healthy, as fresh as a daisy at that age, and showed off their respect to the KISS legend. At the same time, some followers praised Paul for being a responsible father who chooses to spend time with his loved ones.

Here is what Paul wrote on his latest tweet:

“Twenty-six-mile ride with my son Evan. Stopped for gelato, Starbucks and just to talk. If you’re busy looking for stability and security or trying to find value during times like these, don’t look too far or you might miss that it’s probably right in front of you.”

You can check out his latest tweet below.