KISS guitarist and singer Paul Stanley shared a new picture of himself on Twitter as well as explained the reason why he doesn’t bother being alone.

In the picture, you can see that Stanley was on the outside and riding a bike once again. He was wearing his protective gear such as helmet and glasses, and he seemed ready to ride.

Paul wrote in the caption that he doesn’t mind being alone even though most people would try to avoid being alone and said that music and riding are enough for him to be happy alone.

Additionally, the legendary frontman pointed out that he is so grateful for what he has in life and mentioned that he doesn’t want to waste any time in order to make his life better.

Paul Stanley wrote:

“Some people hate being alone. Not me. Today it’s just me, music, and as many miles as I can go. Grateful for all I have and don’t want to waste a minute. Amen.”

You can check out the tweet below.