The iconic KISS frontman Paul Stanley responded to a tweet wondering people’s reactions to a picture of a father and son hugging and the talented musician drew attention to the importance of showing children love and affection while growing up.

As you may recall, KISS’s legendary lead singer Paul Stanley had a failed first marriage with actress Pamela Bowen. The couple has a 26-year-old son named Evan Shane Stanley.

After his divorce from Bowen, Stanley got married to his longtime girlfriend Erin Sutton in 2005 and they have been together ever since. Paul and Erin have three children together, a son named Colin Michael, and two lovely daughters named Sarah Brianna and Emily Grace.

Recently, a Twitter user named John Cardillo posted a picture of a father and son hugging and asked his followers whether this was an ‘appropriate father/son interaction‘ or not. The iconic musician Paul Stanley responded to the question by claiming it was quite appropriate and a needed one.

Furthermore, Stanley shared his thoughts on whether parents should show affection and love to their children at any age. According to Paul, withholding affection to make their children, particularly sons, to make them stronger was a common mistake made by many parents. However, he suggested that in order not to bear scars in the future, parents should be comfortable showing love.

Here’s what Paul Stanley stated in his latest tweet:

“Yes! And so needed. Sadly some parents believe they make their sons stronger by withholding affection. Those children will bear the scars. Being comfortable showing them love and affection at any age lets them build and model on true strength & not on the fear of appearing weak.”

You can see the tweet Paul Stanley posted on his Twitter account.