During a recent interview with Music Radar, KISS drummer Eric Singer has revealed his proudest moment in his life.

Interviewer asked ‘What’s been your proudest moment?’, Eric responded:

“I would say playing with Brian May, because other than Jimi Hendrix, Brian May is my favourite guitar player and Queen is my favourite band. They were like The Beatles on steroids.

They all wrote, they all sang, they were all great musicians, and they have a unique sound.

Brian May’s guitar playing is so individual and having a voice on your instrument is very difficult. They were such a talented group and they had this unique chemistry, so getting to play with Brian and playing Queen songs, that’s pretty cool.”

He also revealed his biggest strength as a drummer, and said:

“Being a good listener and a very supportive drummer and band member. In other words, I’m a team player. I’ll always play for the band, for the song, for the situation.

“You need to know what your role is in any situation, not just musically but also personally, the dynamic of the band you’re working with or the artist you work for. You’ve got to be a good hang, an easy hang and be a chameleon, be adaptable to your environment.”

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