KISS drummer Eric Singer spoke in an interview with Music Radar, and revealed his biggest weakness as a drummer. He said:

“Probably that I didn’t learn to be a songwriter. I’m very good at arranging and contributing ideas to the writing process, but to come in with an idea and go, ‘Here’s a song,’ I always feel that’s something I should have developed.

That’s my own fault for not learning to play another instrument in a way where I could express that side of myself more.

He also shared his future plans after the End Of The Road tour, and said:

“I started off playing the American Songbook in my father’s band, we used to play for a lot of country clubs and rich people. But the music was always the classic American Songbook – like Cole Porter, Gershwin, so I grew up on that music.

You know, I wouldn’t find it that far-fetched if I ended up going full circle back to my roots. Honestly, I’d really love to play a little four-piece kit like I originally played in my formative years and just play purely for the songs and the music I was weaned on.”

Interviewer asked ‘What’s been your biggest onstage nightmare?’, Eric responded:

“I’ve hurt myself a few times. I remember I cut my finger on my cowbell at the beginning of a show with Alice Cooper. It was Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland, 1991. I cut my finger really bad, almost down to the bone and it was bleeding like a sieve everywhere, all over the drums.

When we came offstage before the encore, somebody goes to Alice Cooper, ‘Eric cut his hand really bad,’ and Alice goes, ‘Wow, cool, real blood!’ As soon as were done they took me to a hospital and I had to get five stitches on that finger. I still have a scar.”

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