KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer talked about the faith of the ‘End Of The Road World Tour’ during a recent appearance on Hangin’ & Bangin’.

Back in January 2019, KISS announced that are going back on track once again with a farewell tour, ‘End Of The Road World Tour,’ but the tour is postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak last year.

Because of how many times that the tour has been postponed, some of the people wondered if the tour will continue or not. Fortunately, Tommy cleared the air about the situation.

In the conversation, Tommy said that the tour will continue after the outbreak is over and stated that dates are depending on the COVID-19 situation. Also, he reminded the fans that they have been just waiting like everybody else.

Interviewer asked:

“The End of the Road tour, that’s gonna continue, right?”

Tommy Thayer replied:

“Yeah, of course. We’ve just been on hold like everybody else has been, and I figure…

I mean, it’s kind of a month-to-month thing depending on how the Covid, the vaccine roll-out goes, and everything.

So we’re just kind of waiting to see, there are dates scheduled, I’m hoping that it all falls into place.”

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