Last week, KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer had an interview with Argus Leader, and responded the critics about replacing Ace Frehley.

He admitted that replacement period was no-win situation for him, and the band. You can click here to read that article.

Tommy Thayer had an another interview with Guitar World, and responded ongoing critics about him and Ace Frehley again.

Here is Thayer’s statement:

“I’ve been a fan for longer than probably most of these people, so I understand. But you can’t expect things to be exactly how they were 40 years ago. That’s a fantasy. So I don’t let it bother me. I’m comfortable and confident with where I am and what I do.

Bringing my unique guitar voice to the band is always been a little bit of a trick. But my guitar style has always been very much in line with the classic original KISS style, because I think Ace and I came from the same school of those late-sixties, early-seventies English hard rock blues players like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck and Ritchie Blackmore.

So it came very naturally to me to play that early KISS stuff true to the way it was written and recorded.”

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