KISS’s lead guitarist Tommy Thayer or The Spaceman, recently posted a series of photos on his Instagram account and recalled all the new experiences he has gained since the outbreak of COVID19.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected each and every one of us on different levels, including KISS’s famous guitarist. As you know, Tommy Thayer replaced Ace Frehley and joined KISS back in 2002, and he has been touring the world with the band ever since. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, bands all around the world had to cancel their concerts and shows due to worldwide restrictions.

However, there was one band that was luckier than the others which got to perform during this time, and that was KISS. They put on an amazing show on New Years Eve at the luxurious Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai, and their show was enjoyed virtually by millions all around the world. Their stage performance broke two Guinness records, namely; the highest flame projection and the most flame projection at a music concert.

In his recent post, Tommy Thayer said that he has been spending some time ‘reflecting on some of this past year’s biggest moments’ which encouraged him to share a post like this. In the caption of his post, he stated that he feels very happy that he got to spend more time with his family, put on an amazing show in Dubai, turn 40 years old, move to Las Vegas, and visit Cannon Beach more often. It seems like Thayer came to realize that this past year hasn’t been so bad after all.

Here’s what Tommy Thayer said in the caption of his post:

“Since the pandemic started I’ve been reflecting on some of this past years biggest moments & my favorite memories: spending quality time with family and my daughter Sierra, traveling to Dubai for our virtual NYE show, turning ’40,’ moving to Las Vegas, and spending more time in Cannon Beach, OR.”

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