KK Downing recently talked about the possible changes in KK’s Priest and explained why he wouldn’t hire David Ellefson during an interview with Louder Sound.

As you might recall, David Ellefson got kicked out from Megadeth when it was revealed that he was involved in a sex scandal with an underage girl back in May, accused of being a pedophile at the time.

Even though David received huge criticism after this scandal, KK Downing showed his support for the bass guitarist in a previous interview. He mentioned that Ellefson was actually such a gentleman and he would eventually come back from this scandal in the future.

Last month, KK Downing defended David once again by saying that these kinds of things happen to almost every musician behind the scenes. Also, the guitarist stated that he would actually recruit David if he needed a bass guitarist.

In a recent conversation with Louder Sound, KK Downing turned down all the rumors about David’s addition to KK’s Priest and revealed that David won’t be joining the band in near future. As KK Downing said, their current bass guitarist Tony Newton has been doing a great job for the past one and a half years and pointed out that he is actually managing production and engineering right now. Therefore, he stated that it is impossible to replace him with David.

KK Downing on David’s addition to KK’s Priest:

“This is KK’s Priest, and we’re all of an age now where we need to enjoy everything. There has been speculation that now bassist David Ellefson is no longer with Megadeth he might join KK’s Priest. No.

Because we’ve been together for a year and a half and Tony has done such a great job, not only as a band member but also handling the production and engineering. He also gets involved in the videos. He’s a great all-rounder.”

KK Downing left Judas Priest back in 2011 following the ongoing breakdown between the band members. After nine years of a break, the guitarist formed KK’s Priest in February 2020, released the debut record this month named ‘Sermons of the Sinner.’