KK Downing spoke in a recent interview with Louder Sound and talked about how Judas Priest’s songs and records affected him as well as the entire world.

In the conversation, KK Downing wanted to mention the legendary ‘Painkiller’ record and explained why it actually changed the whole metal scene and inspired contemporary bands such as Megadeth and Pantera.

‘Painkiller’ is the most famous and twelfth studio album of Judas Priest that was released back in 1990. It features a total of ten tracks, including the famous self-titled song. Also, it is the last record that singer Rob Halford sang until 2005.

KK Downing touched upon the fact that ‘Painkiller’ was such an important album because it was a great turning point in the metal music industry. Furthermore, it contributed to the formation of today’s metal music sound.

Furthermore, the veteran guitarist stated that every other band wanted to improve their records or make their sound heavier than that. Therefore, KK Downing believes that it was the milestone of metal music.

KK Downing talked about the ‘Painkiller’ record:

This was an important album. Even now, when I listen to that album, I’m thinking, ‘How the hell did we put that album together?’ Because from front to back it has this great continuity.

It was probably a massive turning point in metal when Priest did that album, because the 80s was behind us, and it was all about the future.

In the 90s, even though Rob left the band after that album, the bands that came through – whether it was Pantera or Megadeth or whoever – probably heard the album and got on board with it, thinking they either had to improve on it or get heavier. So I think it was a very important album in the genre of metal.”

You can listen to the self-titled song below.