Judas Priest’s former guitarist KK Downing recently talked about what happened between him and Judas Priest band members that led him to retire and feel disappointed. He addressed the possibility of taking revenge on the band.

Judas Priest announced in 2011 that their guitarist KK Downing had decided to retire, and that year they would do their last major tour as Judas Priest. However, the band continued to play and perform together without inviting KK Downing back. Right now, the guitarist is upset and disappointed but is actively making music with KK’s Priest.

KK talked about his disappointment in the interview, and when he was asked whether he ever considered a revenge plan, he strongly disagreed. The guitarist stated that his new band KK’s Priest helped him realize that he could go on successfully without Judas Priest, and he is enjoying it more.

Here is what he answered when he was asked if he considered taking revenge on Judas Priest:

“No. That’s completely the wrong word. Now I know that I can do this without Glenn, Rob, or Ian. It’s an absolute pleasure and a treat. I wasn’t sure about doing the book. The fans know me, but only as part of a team. And I am a team player.

But one of the reasons for doing the book and making this album is that I wanted the fans to get to know me as me. That’s what KK’s Priest is about. I would say three things to the fans: enjoy it, let me know what you think, and let’s rock out.”

Even though the guitarist was disappointed with his former band as they continued to perform without inviting him back, he seems happier with KK’s Priest. The band was formed recently in 2020 by KK Downing and released its debut album in October 2021.