Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing spoke in a recent interview with and revealed his biggest regret on his Priest career.

KK Downing left Judas Priest back in 2011 due to the increasing tensions between the band members, and he had been inactive since then. In January 2020, KK Downing announced that he formed a new band named KK’s Priest.

KK’s Priest will also release the debut album, ‘Sermons Of The Sinner,’ in October 2021. Before its release, the band dropped a music video for the lead single, ‘Hellfire Thunderbolt,’ in May. In addition to that, KK Downing revealed that he is already working on a new record even though their debut album has not been released yet.

Even though KK Downing was listed as the rhythm guitarist in Judas Priest, he also played solos in some of the songs. However, other guitarists such as Glenn Tipton are the ones who mainly played the solo parts.

In the conversation, KK Downing recalled when he was playing with Judas Priest and mentioned that he wished to tell Glenn Tipton that he should have played more guitar solos because he can do it pretty easily.

KK Downing about his regret on Judas Priest in the interview:

“I should have played more in Priest. I should have put my foot down and said, ‘Glenn, I need to play more solos, because I can.’ So, now I can, which is great.

And I see, obviously, Richie playing my solos and Glenn’s solos. I know that Andy was a rhythm player in his own band before then, which I liked that band. I know Kevin was the lead player in, but he sustained an injury, unfortunately. But I liked that band. I thought they were really cool.”

Later in the conversation, KK Downing also pointed out why Judas Priest is a different band for him compared to the others and stated that the traditional Judas Priest was storming across the world.