During a recent Q&A session on Offstage with DWP, Korn bassist Fieldy Arvizu answered some questions considering his career in the nu-metal band Korn and talked about his feelings towards Tye Trujillo, Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo’s son.

As you may recall, in 2017 Fieldy had to take a break from Korn’s South America tour due to unforeseen circumstances, and he was replaced with Tye Trujillo who was only 12 years old back then. This news had surprised Korn fans who were curious to see how a kid would be able to keep up with Korn’s heavy songs.

Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo had joined Korn during their tour so as to keep an eye on his son, who proved himself as a rising star. Korn members were positively surprised at how talented this little boy was and made sure that he felt welcome and comfortable during their tour. However, it was unknown how Fieldy felt about his replacement being so talented and praised, until his recent interview.

Fieldy expressed his admiration and love for Tye and said that he did an amazing job replacing him back in 2017 even though he was only 12 years old, which he says is crazy. He also said that it is not only the way he plays but his attitude, comfortableness, and movements which make him ‘a born bass player rock star.’

Fieldy added that now that he’s getting older, there are times in which he cannot keep up with the tours and that’s why he often tells his bandmates that if there’s a time he cannot perform, Tye should replace him as he’s now 15 and ‘has a full package deal of everything it takes.’ Fieldy also stated that Tye is definitely one of his favorite bass players and that he’s sure he’ll become a big rockstar one day.

Here’s what Fieldy said about Tye:

“I’ve been following him for a while, actually, and he filled in for me when he was 12 years old. He has posted a video recently, and his dad plays these little pads, and pit bulls running around… It’s Tye Trujillo and his dad from Metallica. And Tye is playing – and now he’s a little older.

When he jumped in, he was 12 – he didn’t even hit puberty yet. Now he has hit puberty, he looks like a little man – when he plays his bass he just lays back on the couch and plays it. And I go, ‘Look how good this dude is.’ But not only good, but he also has the attitude, he has the movement, he has the comfortableness, he has what it takes of all the combination to become a rock star. In my opinion, that kid is effortless. He’s a born bass player rock star.”

When asked about whether he was the one who replaced Fieldy, he said:

“Yeah, he was 12 at the time too. It was just crazy because he was so young. But now, even if I had to have another replacement – anything can happen these days. We’re 50; someone can get sick, and we don’t cancel anything, we don’t call into work, we crawl into work! If someone is filling in for somebody, it’s serious. Recently, we were talking about something I was about to miss, and I didn’t have to miss it, but who was gonna fill in – and they go, ‘Tye was just a novelty.’

That’s why I’m always keeping the guys up to date and go, ‘If I’m ever to miss a gig – he’s older now. He looks like a little man now, so it’s not like a little gag anymore. He’s actually a dope little rock star that has a full package deal of everything it takes.’ He’s definitely one of my favorites that I’ve seen in a young that has a whole-package deal. You can’t just sit there and shred and be a shredding bass player. It takes a little more than that.”

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