Yesterday, Korn’s original bass guitarist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu released an official statement on social media and saddened the whole community as well as the Korn fans.

In the announcement, Fieldy pointed out that he has been dealing with personal issues for the past six years because of bad habits, and these are affecting his relationships with the people around him.

Because of that, Fieldy decided to take a break from the band and revealed that he will not be playing with Korn for a while until he fixes the problems. During this period, Fieldy said that he will try to stay creative to keep his mental health safe.

After a short period of this announcement, Korn showed their love and support to their long-time member Fieldy via Facebook and announced that they understand health and family comes first.

Here is what Korn wrote:

“We love and support our brother, Fieldy. Health and family always come first.⁣”

By sharing this supportive message, Korn showed why they call themselves family. Also, this proves the fact that Fieldy will come back to the band as soon as possible after fixing his problems.