Korn drummer Ray Luzier spoke in an interview with Everyone Love Guitar and talked about the musicians’ attitude when they get taste of money.

Here’s the statement:

“I have friends that get in similar situations, and they start — especially when they get a taste of money that they’ve never had — they start buying big and they start living big. But that’s only the time being. You should be a little bit smarter than that.

Of course you want to, especially when you’ve been broke all these years. I’m very cautious of that, I think because, in my 20s, I was promised things that I thought were gonna happen and they didn’t, And I’m, like, ‘How could you do that to someone?’

I always tell people, if you study law and you study to be a doctor and you pay your dues and you’re smart and you get great grades, sooner or later, you’re probably gonna get a gig doing that, whether you move to another location or not. The music business ain’t like that.

You could be one of the most virtuoso, amazing, insane players, read the chart backward, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a gig… And you never stop working. You’ve gotta keep working toward it. You get too comfortable, that’s when bad stuff starts happening. Because there’s no crystal ball — that I know of.”

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