Korn’s iconic frontman Jonathan Davis spoke in the recent interview with Heavy1 TV and revealed the inspiration for his songwriting skills.

In the conversation, Jonathan stated that the problems in life made him write the songs to get through these problems. Afterward, he said that there will be problems in life all the time, and he will always write about these things because of that.

Interviewer asked:

“For years, Korn music and attitude were like a catharsis for you and for your teenage fans who recognize themselves in all your torments. As a middle-aged man now, have you healed most of your previous neuroses through your art and music?”

Jonathan Davis replied:

“Yeah, the stuff from the beginning, but does it really ever stop? When I was dealing through stuff going through high school, and earlier in life, but as I’ve gotten older now, that shit never stops.

There’s always problems, and I’ll always going to write about that shit. You’re always dealt with what you’re dealt, the hand you give, and you just got to adapt and deal with it, so I’m always gonna be dealing and trying to heal myself through my music.”

Interviewer asked:

“When you were a teenager, you said you were bullied. Now you’ve gained some kind of self-respect, so I guess that kind of thing is a part of the past?”

Jonathan Davis said:

“That’s part of the past, but you still get bullied through life, things still happen. I do lots of crazy stuff in my life, and yeah, it’s no different than that.”

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