Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer spoke at the first premiere of the “Mind Over Matter” documentary film, and explained how rock and metal world has changed over the years.

“There are small challenges on a daily [basis] that can kind of feel like just these big obstacles. And you kind of make ’em bigger than they actually are, because once you get around the world and start doing stuff and working, they seem so easy day after day. You get practice at it.

We grew up in Bakersfield, which there was no… I mean, we had electricity [laughs], and we had each other. And thank God for both, ’cause we wouldn’t be here today, I don’t think, most of us. We had abuse in our families. We all experienced some sort of negative vortex that was gonna either suck us down the wrong hole or we were gonna use it as fuel to get to the next level.”

He continued:

“Whether it was moving to L.A., which was super scary. Living in a two-bedroom apartment with 14 people. It was crazy. I don’t even think that was… The health department should have came in and shut that down. So there was that. There was coming up with rent, coming up with money to eat.

And then studio money. And our music was so different. And [people said], ‘They’re never gonna play this on the radio.’ It challenged a lot of people, too, in the industry, as far as what’s the new thing. It was just coming out of the ’80s hair metal thing, and Nirvana had broken, and Alice In Chains — the whole Seattle sound. So I think California was posed to be at the forefront of some creative minds at that time.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here to source (Blabbermouth).