Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch took to his official Instagram account to reveal the best person he has ever met in the world by celebrating the 22nd birthday of his daughter, Jennea Marie Welch.

Brian wrote in the caption that Jennea is the favorite person in the world for him and showed how much he loves her with his message. Also, Brian mentioned how kind-hearted person Jennea is and explained what she has been doing for the earth for years.

As Brian stated, Jennea’s determination and hard work to make this world a better place is unmatched. He also praised her character by saying that her kindness and focus on helping other people makes her the greatest person in the world.

Here is what Brian ‘Head’ Welch said:

“Happy Birthday to my #1 person on earth that I love and respect the most! Jennea Welch your determination, hard work and focus on making a difference in this world completely blow my mind!

The doors that have opened for you blow my mind even more and they’re going to continue to open in the next few years. But most of all your character, kindness and focus on helping others shines the brightest through you. But you still have plenty of attitude LOL, happy 22nd!”

You can check out the post below.