The guitarist and founding member of Korn, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, took his Instagram account to announce the upcoming concert of him and Breaking Benjamin’s Jasen Rauch which will be the first performance of Love and Death in seven years.

As you may already know, Love and Death is the metal band that was formed by Korn’s Brian Welch. The band was announced by Brian himself back in 2012 and it was founded as Welch’s solo project. Unfortunately, the band could not make any live shows since 2012.

Almost seven years later, Welch announced a brand new album of his passion project, titled ‘Perfectly Preserved’ which consists of 10 tracks. The song named ‘Down’ already released nearly two weeks ago as the album’s lead single.

Today, Brian took his official Instagram page and announced that Love And Death will make a global streaming event along with other talented musicians. According to the post, the tickets are now available for the price of $15 and they will perform tracks from their new album ‘Perfectly Preserved’ along with several songs.

Here is how Brian announced the event:

“When I reached out to the Love and Death band members, crew, and special guests about the arduous task of aligning everyone’s schedules, everyone was like ‘let me check my schedule… Yep, totally free that day!’ I guess that’s the popular answer for all musicians this year! This concert is going to be something totally new for us.

We’ve all had the privilege of playing concerts for decades and have traveled the world many times over, but putting together a global streaming event with so many talented musicians and sharing vocals with these amazing guests is a first for me!

This is without a doubt a once in a lifetime experience for Love and Death and we are calling all Love and Death fans around the globe to join us for this very special one-time event; first Love and Death show in 7 years!”

You can see the post below.