During a recent interview, Korn’s guitarist Brian Welch cleared the air about a Justin Bieber cover being in their soon-to-be-released album and admitted that Justin Bieber’s is a popular guy to hate.

As you probably know, Love and Death, the Christian metal band founded by Brian ‘The Head’ Welch, is expected to release their album ‘Perfectly Preserved‘ in February 2021. Approximately a week ago, Brian Welch announced the release of the third track of the ‘Perfectly Preserved’ album, named ‘Down.’

The single has been praised by thousands of fans, and definitely increased the excitement and curiosity even more. As you might recall, the long-awaited album was rumored to have a Bieber song in it which was in a way confirmed when the tracklist was released since the 4th track of the new album is called ‘Let Me Love You (ft. Lacey Sturm).’

However, the rumors were not officially approved until Brian Welch’s recent interview in Earache Records’ Podcast. During the interview, Brian Welch agreed with the interviewer when they said that they like Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’ and shared his views about Justin Bieber.

Brian Welch agreed that Justin Bieber is a popular guy to hate but did not refrain from appreciating how good ‘Let Me Love You’ is. Nonetheless, he had some notes on how the song is known and in specific, about who the songwriter is.

He admitted that he loves that song but stressed that it was DJ Snake who wrote it. Following that he described how he felt when Love and Death’s second vocalist J.R. Bareis brought a demo of ‘Let Me Love You.’ Brian Welch said that he felt 100% confident about doing the song and that the riff drove him crazy.

Brian Welch then explained how fun it was recording the cover of DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s song, and talked about his positive experience working with Lacey Sturm. He also referred to his previous experience doing covers but mentioned that this one ‘just felt more fun.’

Here’s what the interviewer asked him:

“Well, I don’t know how the metalheads will react to that because he’s kind of a fashionable guy to hate on really, isn’t he?”

To which Brian Welch responded:

He is. But DJ Snake actually wrote that song, Justin Bieber is only a guest. So, maybe that’ll give us more street cred. So I have always loved that song and, actually, J.R. Bareis, the other singer in Love & Death, he brought it, and he did a demo of it.

And I was like, ‘100% – we are doing that song!’ And just the heavy riff, you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s a cool heavy riff!’ And then it goes into that [drumming], and you’re just like, ‘What?!’

And I got some good screams on it and everything! And I was like, ‘We need to get Lacey Sturm on this song,’ and I hit her and her and her husband Josh up, and it was an instant ‘Yes.’ It was just fun, man. We thought it was a fun thing to do.”

He continued by saying:

“The last record [2013’s ‘Between Here & Lost’], we did Devo, ‘Whip It’ cover, so we wanted to do a cover. We actually did a Post Malone cover as well but I don’t know if we finished it or whatnot, but the Bieber cover just felt more fun.

It was like just totally – take a pop song and crush it heavy. It just sounds way more fun for us, so that’s all. But, yeah, I wanted to see what you guys thought, I didn’t know if you would like it.”

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